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Classes for Families

Join Success Together for one of our Hands-On Family Classes that provide a memorable family bonding experience while showing your kids just how fun learning can be!

We'll prepare everything, including dinner!

Just show up ready for a fantastic time with your family

Scroll down to view our full list of class topics for Families.

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Family Reading Adventures:

Under the Sea with Narwhal & Jelly 

Dive into an interactive undersea story time, enhancing reading skills alongside hilarious companions Narwhal & Jelly. Then, get creative with a sea creature craft to enjoy and take home along with a multi-story book to add to your home library. 

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Family Reading Adventures:

Enemy Pie 

Immerse your family in the delightful story of unexpected friendship through an interactive storytime with the book "Enemy Pie." Then, bond as a family while creating a fun art project that reinforces the key details of a story - a fundamental reading comprehension skill. 

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Family Reading Adventures:

The Big Orange Splot 

Enjoy a special family story time that highlights self-expression, diversity and community while also incorporating techniques that help build children’s reading comprehension skills. Then, engage in a fun art project in which all family members get to let their creativity shine. 

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Family Reading Adventures:

Fly Guy's Big Family Storytime 

Enjoy an engaging story time experience that enhances children's reading skills, followed by an interactive comic book creation project as a family. Combine learning and fun for a memorable family experience! 

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Family Math Lab:

Memorizing Math Facts with Games

Join together in laughter and friendly competition while playing engaging games that supercharge your children's mastery of math facts. Prepare them for future math success as you share enjoyable learning moments. Enroll now for a dynamic blend of entertainment and skill-building sure to show your kids that math can be fun! 

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Family Science Lab:

Experiments with Color 

Join us for a vibrant exploration into the captivating world of color through engaging hands-on experiments. Discover the science behind different types of color, how they mix, and use the scientific method to test your predictions in this interactive and educational class for the entire family. 


Family Science Lab:

Experiments with Weather

Embark on a captivating family science adventure into the world of clouds! Learn about the different types of clouds, which clouds make rain (and how they do it!) all through fun science experiments and hands-on learning. Discover the magic weather wonders while making memories with your family. 


Family Science Lab:

Discovering the Secrets of Plants!

Dive into the fascinating world of how plants grow and adapt while creating plant projects! From creating your own awesomely adapting plant to crafting mini greenhouses, join us for this hands-on journey of discovery and family fun. 

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Family Science Lab:

The 3 Little Pigs Engineering Challenge

Your family may be familiar with the story of The Three Little Pigs, but are you up to the challenge of engineering your own houses of straw, sticks and bricks that can stand up to the Big, Bad, Wolf? Explore entry-level structural engineering as you build structures that can withstand the wind in this super fun STEM-based class. 


Family Science Lab:

All About Chemical Reactions! (AKA The Class Where You Get to Make a Volcano!)

Join your children in discovering the wonders of chemical reactions as you build and witness your very own erupting volcano. Foster shared learning, excitement, and unforgettable memories—enroll today for a family experience exploding with fun! 


Family Science Lab:

Magnet Mania! Experiments & Exploration with Magnetic Attraction 

Dive into the fascinating world of magnetism alongside your children, unraveling its mysteries through interactive exploration. Spark curiosity, hands-on learning, and family bonding—enroll now for an enlightening adventure in science! 

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