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Classes for Parents
& Caregivers

Success Together offers Parent Classes designed to help parents & caregivers

support their children's success & well-being in school & beyond.

Scroll down to view our full list of class topics for Parents & Caregivers.

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BIG Feelings:

How to Help Kids Cope

with Their TOUGHEST Feelings

This empowering class is designed to help parents raise more emotionally resilient kids by teaching strategies that help children navigate challenging emotions like anger, sadness, and frustration in healthy ways. 


Connected Families:

The Secrets to Healthier, Happier Relationships in Your Home

Strengthen your family with our empowering class! If tensions, disconnection, or sibling issues arise, dive into revitalizing family communication. Mend relationships, reduce stress, and step into a happier family dynamic.

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Highly Effective Ways to Raise a Successful Reader for Life

Unleash reading triumphs! For kids struggling or seeking reading inspiration - learn parent-friendly strategies to boost skills and ignite a family-wide love for reading. Master fluency, tackle new words, and enhance comprehension on this path to reading success! 

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How to Help Your Kids

with Their Schoolwork

(even when you’re stuck, too!)

Join a parent-friendly class for those navigating school challenges with their children. Get practical strategies and FREE resources to support learning. Become your child's ally in overcoming academic hurdles! 

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How to Set (& Keep) Healthy Boundaries for a Happier Family

Empower your family and gain the tools needed to express your and your family’s needs clearly, stand up to pushy people, and empower your kids to confidently set and maintain their own boundaries in this essential class. 

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Instilling Independence & Responsibility in Kids in Age-Appropriate Ways

Learn age-appropriate methods to cultivate independence and responsibility as your children grow. Equip them with essential life skills while fostering a strong foundation for their future success. Join us to shape capable and self-reliant future grownups! 

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Mastering Money:

Raising Financially Savvy Kids

Open the door to financial confidence for your kids with our captivating class on money matters. Navigating money doesn't have to be a mystery; breaking the silence is the first step. Join our engaging class on teaching the art of money management to your children. 


Mental Health & Today’s Youth:

Know The Signs of Distress

& Where to Go for Help

Empower yourself as a parent of teens with "Mental Health & Today’s Youth." Gain insight into identifying signs of distress and finding the right avenues for support. Be prepared to guide and assist the youth in your life so you’ll be ready if the need arises. 

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Navigating the Haze:

Parent's Edition - Understanding

and Addressing Teen Vaping

Join this vital class to address a pressing concern: over 3 million U.S. teens (1 in 10) vape or use nicotine. Learn to discuss the risks, spot signs, and support quitting. Equip yourself with essential knowledge and tools! 


Parenting Styles Unlocked: Discovering the Expert-Backed Parenting Style That Leads to the Happiest & Healthiest Kids

Explore the 4 major parenting approaches and their pros and cons. Identify your own style and delve into research-backed insights to foster the best environment for raising resilient, happy, and well-rounded children.  


Parenting the App Generation:

A Guide to The Top 3 Most Popular

Teen Apps + Safety Tips

Join this must-take class that will bring a true understanding of your teens' online world! Explore how they use Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram. Equip yourself with safety features, pros & cons insight tips to guide them to safer online adventures. 

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Positive Discipline:

Scream-Free Parenting Techniques

(that actually work!)

Discover practical methods to foster cooperation and respect while nurturing your child's growth. Elevate your parenting journey with techniques that truly make a difference—enroll today, for more peaceful tomorrows. 

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Raising Healthy Kids in a Digital World: Simple Ways to Get Kids Eating Healthier & Moving More (without a fight!)

Discover effective techniques to guide your children towards better food choices, increased activity, and reduced screen time—all without the hassle of power struggles. Elevate your parenting with strategies that promote a healthier and happier family lifestyle—enroll today! 

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Self-Care for Parents:

Why It's NOT Selfish, How To Start,

& How It Helps Your Family

Uncover the power of self-care and learn why self-care isn't selfish and extends beyond indulgences like pedicures. Craft a personalized and well-rounded self-care plan that empowers you to be your best for your family. Join us to prioritize your well-being today! 


Social Media & Texting:

Real Guidance for Families

with Tweens & Teens

In this essential class about online safety learn how to equip tweens and teens to navigate the digital world responsibly. Learn about cyberbullying, positive online presence, and smart communication. Empower your kids for secure and wise online journeys! 

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Understanding & Connecting

with Today's Teens:

A Practical Guide for Parents

This class caters specifically to parents of tweens and teens, offering insights into the modern teenage mindset. Gain valuable strategies to maintain a close connection with your teenager, even during challenging phases when they may seem distant. 

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