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Our Curriculum

Dynamic, Research-Based, Relevant.

Success Together knows that parents are busier than ever, and engaging them in school activities can be challenging. This is why our curriculum team is constantly seeking to understand what parents truly value in supportive programs and our class offerings change to ensure what we teach is relevant, engaging and yields the biggest impact on student success.

All-inclusive Services

We take care of everything. Really.

Our world revolves around serving parents well and we strive to offer the kind of program you'd create, if you had enough hours in a day. We decrease the barriers to participation by providing on-campus or online multilingual instruction, materials and supplies, and when classes are in-person meals and enriched childcare are included as well. Oh, and we'll take care of recruitment, too.

Our Staff

Caring, Welcoming, Professional.

Treating people well is at the core of all we do. While skills can be trained, a love for parents, children and community is intrinsic and its the first thing we look for in those we hire. Our training process is rigorous and management support is readily available to ensure every member of our team is someone parents and school administrators will love working with.

Diligence in Data

The information you need, when you need it.

A wonderful parent engagement program is something you can be proud to offer, but without proof of performance, it does not meet your needs as an administrator. This is why we provide detailed participation reports, pre and post participation result data, and provide you with reports of outcomes, and even anecdotal stories and photos for your records.

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